when a family member leaves…

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Cookie’s toys. The floss rope and polar bear are his fav.

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Cookie’s shoes and leash. I don’t bring him out often enough.


His fav spots in the house to sleep or just laze around.

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Cookie’s food and treats. Dad feeds him wholemeal bread everyday, he loves it. Occasionally he gets to eat canned food.


His towels and wet wipes.

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Cookie hates these – fur and nail clippers. He always tries to escape when its grooming time.


The last few years, his behavior (and health) slowly got bad. We tried pet diapers on him but gave up after some time. Just let him be. So much thanks to my parents who were always cleaning after him.


Another sign of his attitude-change in the latter years. He would snap at us whenever we tried to groom him.


From the vet. 2 days before Cookie left us.

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Cookie stays here now. The corner that he kept going back to the night before.

While writing this blog post, I realised that I only have 400 photos of Cookie… 400 in 15 years… why didn’t I take more…


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Goodbye dear friend, thank you for bringing so much joy and fun into our lifes. Bringing you home from the breeders’ market back in Texas 15 years ago was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life.

I really wish the Rainbow Bridge story is true so that I can see you again one day.


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