Thank you & Goodbye Mr Lee

Sorry for 2 consecutive depressing posts, just got my film back from the lab.


Images are poorly framed as I was using a compact point-and-shoot and shooting from the hip as I did not want to view the scene thru’ a camera viewfinder. Eventhough I am a photographer, I also believe that sometimes its better to see/feel the moment with your own eyes at the risk of not making the shot.


As I took this shot when the gun carriage passed us, I shouted “Thank you Mr Lee” at the top of my voice. A teenage boy turned and looked at me like I was a weirdo. I hope you know what this man has done for us, and for you boy.


Thank you Mr Lee, I will forever remember you as a giant that, almost single-handedly, brought us to where we are today. me.back to top